Cheeky Monkey Media has linked up with tom. – created by Simon Greenbury and meetings expert Paul Cook - a new marketing tool that evaluates tourism experiences and events through emotional engagement to help companies within the industry to develop their future sales and marketing strategies.

tom. puts theatre at the heart of any experience to create emotional connections with travellers and stakeholders

Understanding tourists' happiness or positive (and negative) emotions is particularly important for managing and adapting the tourist experience.

The industry is well versed with the phrase Return on Investment (ROI) but tom.’s new evaluation tool - Applause on Investment (AOI) - captures and evaluates data, working by analysing emotive feedback from the traveller.

tom. tracks engagement, learning, energy, tension, shared experiences, atmosphere, personal resonance and emotional connection.

How does a customer to feel during each experience – happy, relaxed, pleased, overjoyed, challenged, connected, touched, excited, involved, enthusiastic, lively, mindful, satisfied, entertained, interested, rewarded, comfortable, romantic, adventurous, safe, inspired, relaxed, amazement, astonished, fascinated, surprised. Much better ways to track responses than straight forward numbers and impressions or likes on websites or social media channels.

So, if you have yet to look at evaluating customers' emotive responses now is the time to do so. It will influence your marketing offering and impact significantly on future marketing campaigns….and future successes.